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Himie Voxman

Centerville is both the home of the world’s largest town square and the birthplace of internationally regarded musicians. One is Simon Estes, one of the first widely acclaimed African American opera singers. In Iowa City, however, the most famous Centervillian is no doubt Himie Voxman.

Himie Voxman, born and raised in Centerville, Iowa, stands with his niece, Marjorie, in this undated photograph. Himie was a standout student in Centerville's grammar school, and by his sophomore year of high school he would substitute for the teachers and teach a course of his own. Photo courtesy of William Voxman.

Voxman taught at the University of Iowa for 41 years, serving as director of the School of Music for 26. The original Voxman Music Building was named for him in 1995 but was closed due to the 2008 flood. A newly constructed Voxman Music Building is scheduled to open in September.

He sold millions of books of music and music pedagogy, the first of which he published with his former clarinet instructor, William Gower Sr., whom he first met in Centerville.

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