The University of Iowa

Donald Letendre, dean of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, says educating the next generation of leaders in pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science takes more than a rigorous curriculum delivered by top-notch faculty and staff.

It also requires a state-of-the-art facility.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, the UI will officially break ground on a new $96.3 million pharmacy building that will feature cutting-edge research laboratories, innovative technology, and collaborative learnings spaces.

Letendre says the new high-tech facility will complement the college’s new curriculum and help the UI secure its place as one of the nation’s elite pharmacy programs.

“This new building will provide us with the opportunity to deliver an avant-garde curriculum that takes advantage of contemporary technology and to use new pedagogies that are centered on enhancing the student experience and creating an environment of community,” he says. “On the scientific side, it will provide an environment in which our scientists won’t be limited in their quest for new knowledge.”

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Iowa Now