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Fairies, pirates, and characters from flash-in-the-pan summer movies take note, kids across Iowa are clamoring for a new costume this Halloween. While most wouldn’t think a state-of-the-art children’s hospital would make for a popular trick-or-treating outfit, it turns out kids can’t wait to walk around their neighborhoods dressed as Iowa’s only nationally ranked children’s hospital.

But why have so many children dropped the superhero capes in exchange for scaled-down versions of a 14-story building? We hit the playground to find out. “It’s the tallest building in Iowa City,” said one gangly 12-year-old, who made his replica of the new University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital out of cardboard boxes and seven rolls of duct tape.

“The idea of a building with arms and legs has always intrigued me,” said a third grader who wished to remain anonymous, “and when you add the cool features like multiple play areas, a children’s library, and all private patient rooms that the new children’s hospital has, well, my decision was an easy one.”


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