The University of Iowa


Inspiration Avenue street sign

To commemorate the new buildings being opened by the UI and the recovery from the flood of 2008, the City Council of Iowa City authorized the temporary ceremonial renaming of Clinton Street in Iowa City to "Inspiration Avenue," beginning at Church Street at the north and Burlington Street at the south. The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, the University of Iowa is the State of Iowa’s first public institution of higher education and has achieved international renown for its leadership and excellence across the academic spectrum including particular distinction in the visual and performing arts; and,

WHEREAS, June 15, 2016 will mark the eighth anniversary of the crest of the historic 2008 Iowa River flood; and,

WHEREAS, the 2008 flood affected more than 20 University of Iowa buildings consisting of 2.5 million square feet -- or nearly one-sixth of the University of Iowa campus – including all facilities on the University of Iowa’s Arts Campus: Hancher Auditorium, Voxman Music Building, and the University’s original art, theater, and Museum of Art buildings; and,

WHEREAS, flood recovery efforts have depended on the hard work and dedication of hundreds if not thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the community; and,

WHEREAS, the University is planning a celebration to be held on the flood’s eighth anniversary to commemorate the completion of the final flood recovery projects and recognize the hard work and perseverance of the many individuals and organizations that made these projects possible; and,

WHEREAS, the University’s theme for the celebration of flood recovery and the grand openings of four new facilities on the UI campus during the 2016-2017 academic year is “Inspire”; and,

WHEREAS, in conjunction with the flood recovery celebration and the Inspire theme, the University has requested that Clinton Street between Church and Burlington Streets be ceremonially named “Inspiration Avenue” for the duration of the 2016-2017 academic year; and,

WHEREAS, a ceremonial street name will not have an effect on official designations or mailing addresses, allows the City to formally recognize the contributions of all of the individuals who contributed to the University’s flood recovery efforts, and is an opportunity to acknowledge the important project milestones achieved by the University and the City.


Clinton Street, between Church Street to the north and Burlington Street to the south, will be ceremonially named “Inspiration Avenue” from June 2016 through the duration of the University of Iowa 2016-2017 academic year. Street signs will be added to existing poles indicating the ceremonial name and will be removed during the summer of 2017.