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were engaged in flood control efforts during the peak of activities in early June 2008
of June
is the anniversary date of the Iowa City crest of the Iowa River Flood of 2008
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Digital Wall of Inspiration

I draw a huge amount of inspiration from the professors in the department of computer science. Their talents in research and teaching have impacted me ever since graduation. Now as an assistant professor of computer science myself they are who I inspire to be. Without UI I would not be where I am today.
Class of 2009
I came from a small farm community and moved to Iowa City. I have lived here my whole adult life. I worked at the UI for 29 years. It's a Great place to have a career. Hancher has always been such a big part of the University. I took my daughter to The Joffrey Ballet, for my birthday, when she was 5. A few years later, she performed at Clapp Recital Hall, in a summer children's choral group. She graduated from City High 2002 and was the last class to have graduation at Hancher. My last memory of Hancher was when my husband and I saw B.B. King, at his last concert there. It's a very special place.
My classes at Iowa as an undergrad inspired me to see the world in so many new ways. I'll never forget the exposure I got through my classes and professors here to different world perspectives- through the eyes of an environmental scientist, a marketer, a sociologist, and a human rights activist (obviously took a few turns in my choice of major!). We're all in this together, but it's good to be taught that we don't always see and experience things in the same way. It's a lesson I hope I never forget!
Class of 2011
The University of Iowa will always hold a special place in my heart. I came from a small town in Iowa ready to explore the wonderful world we live in and U of I provide the perfect place for me to be inspired, instilled with great ideas and creative ingenuity. The excellence of the professors and various departments continue to inspire me to strive to be the best that I can in everything I do. There is a continuous cycle of rebirth, strength and growth that I find still helps fuel my creative spirit. To you the University of Iowa community Thank You!
Class of 1982
I worked as an usher at Hancher Auditorium when I was a student at the U of I. If there were any empty seats available during intermission, we could quietly select one and watch the remainder of the show. I'll never forget sitting in the audience of Les Miserables, with tears in my eyes, overcome with emotion at being part of something so beautiful. That memory is a good representation what the University of Iowa will always be to me.
Class of 1992
Growing up in Iowa City and in the midst of the University of Iowa, I took many aspects for granted: An incredibly welcome campus community open to any race, gender, or sexual orientation. A vibrant arts and entertainment scene that rivals cities and towns much larger. Incredible Big Ten sports. And above all, a willingness by the campus and community to lend a helping hand. It wasn't until I began touring colleges in the summer of 2011 that I realized the "hidden treasures" that the UI and Iowa City are. Being an undergrad at the UI gave me lifelong fraternity brothers, a renewed sense of morality and strength in UI Dance Marathon and a can-do attitude as a reporter and editor at The Daily Iowan. There is no campus I'd rather be a proud alumni of and I feel fortunate to be able to still call Iowa City home.
Class of 2016
From my first day on campus at Iowa I knew I was home. The Hawkeye Experience is something that stays with you forever because it inspires you to be the absolute best you can be. The school spirit is contagious, the love for fellow Hawkeyes runs deep, and the pride we take in our school is rivaled by none. Iowa gives everyone the freedom to become who they want to be, to explore the world in a different way, and changes you for the better every day you're on campus. Iowa City might be a small dot on the map but it holds a big place in every graduates hearts.
Class of 2015
From the first moment I set foot on the U of I campus during my senior year of high school, I knew I was home. Everything about this new life was inspiring. The new friends I would make, the amazing teachers and professors, and the feel of a campus alive with learning and exploring. Whether it was the excitement of fall and the start of a new school year, or the laid back and intimate feel of summer classes, every season was a chance to challenge yourself in a way that would irrevocably change your view of the world. Iowa City was a small town but it prepared me to tackle a big world. I will forever be grateful.
Class of 1985
I remember coming to campus for orientation with parents. They fell in love with the campus and the people. I saw what they loved about Iowa a great school and the people on campus helping you to reach for stars. Nothing compares to the canoe rides in the river or visiting McBride Hall. My time at Iowa was one of happiest times of my life.
"The University of Iowa will change you, and you will change the world." This quote can be seen in an Admission Visitor Center's video shown to potential new students and their families. In my own experience, it couldn't be more true. Everything at the University of Iowa - my classes, my professors, my friendships, my involvement, the residence halls, my part-time jobs - they all have worked together to shape me, to give me a skill set, to sharpen my passions, and to prepare me to make a difference in the world. The University of Iowa has given me far more than I bargained for.
It has been 43 years since I graduated from the University of Iowa and every time I pull off interstate 80 into Iowa city I feel as though I have returned home. The University and I was city became home to me those very many years ago when I first step foot on the campus. It was at Iowa that I met the people who still these very many years later are my best and dearest friends. It was at Iowa where I learned about political awareness, becoming involved in causes in which you believe, and it was at Iowa where I was encouraged to think independently and to question. Without doubt, it was at the University of Iowa where I grew up. I could not have asked or wished for a better College experience than what I had at the University of Iowa. Go Hawks!
Class of 1973
Since I was hired in 1977, I have watched as the UI, in general, demonstrated constant striving for greater excellence and achievement, trying to build on the contributions of its visionary past leaders.
Its constant growth.
Class of 2012
I grew up in Mount Pleasant, which is in southeastern Iowa. Some of my earliest memories of visiting Iowa City were from the late 1970's and early 1980's. It was a time of profound change within Iowa City and the University of Iowa campus. I felt as though I had a front-row seat to these changes, since my father was a security guard at the University Hospital during this period. After moving to the Twin Cities for high school, I was inspired to return and attend the University of Iowa for my undergraduate education. I wanted to be a part of the rich history of the University of Iowa, the community of Iowa City, and the wonderful people who call this area home. I met my wife of 20 years on campus and am fortunate to be able to return to the area on a regular basis to visit her family and continue to witness the ongoing changes in town and on campus. No matter where in the world I live and work, I will always consider Iowa City my home. Go Hawks!
Class of 1998
I lived in Iowa City for 20 years, from 1960 to 1980 and worked at the University for much of that time in the Department of Psychology. I also had an in-home typing business and typed many, many theses for graduate students. I loved the affiliation with the University and the students and especially enjoyed the opportunity to treat myself and my children to events at Hancher.
The past. The present. What will be. It is all at your feet at the University of Iowa.
I came from a rural part of Iowa to gain a world class education at the U of I and as I live out my adult life in the Creative Corridor I continue to turn to the U of I to further enrich the lives of my family. It's amazing to witness the high level of talent available on any given day of the week. Thanks for all you do!!
Class of 2005
Lynette Marshall, president and CEO of the UI Foundation. Happy Anniversary on your ten years of inspirational leadership!
Class of 1972
As sorry as I was to hear that the old Hancher was being knocked down and replaced, the new one is breathtaking. I have so many wonderful memories of the old ex-husband, Chris Williams, was the first Technical Director. Van Cliburn was one of the performers to open the building. Chris came out on stage just before the show in his tux to move the piano slightly and everyone applauded, thinking he was the great man. So many other fun stories to tell. I was always able to watch the show but, of course, Chris was backstage for every performance. Good times! We were both so excited to be a part of that incredible space.
Class of 1973