The University of Iowa

Yingjie Chen sits amongst a pile of clutter on, under, and next to her desk, in a cramped space filled with similar piles of clutter.

“So sorry for the mess,” says Chen, in a way that suggests she uses the phrase often. But the second year MFA student studying creative design in the University of Iowa Department of Art and Art History won’t have to apologize much longer. The department started moving this week its Studio Arts division housed in a temporary space on Highway 1—Chen’s workspace included—to its new home in the soon-to-open Visual Arts Building on Riverside Drive. It marks the first time since the flood of 2008 forced the relocation that Studio Arts will be back on the main campus.

“I’m so excited about the move,” she says. “I’ve heard it's high-end all the way, and I can’t wait to see it.”

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