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When the new Voxman Music Building opens in fall 2017, it’s a good bet that guests at the inaugural concert will spot Robert Campbell (BSEE ’86): He will be the one staring at the Concert Hall ceiling.

As the theatre planner for the $152 million, 189,289 square-foot building—new home to the UI School of Music performance, teaching, and studio spaces—Campbell has spent the last three years studying proposals, programs, renderings, blueprints, 3D-CAD drawings, surfaces, materials, spans, angles, and joints. But he says when the building is complete, it is the ceiling of the 750-seat Concert Hall that will capture his eye because it will epitomize the whole of the project and the people who have made it happen.

“The ceiling in any performing arts center is complicated,” says Campbell, Associate Principal of the theatre planning design firm Fisher Dachs Associates (FDA) and theatre designer for the new University of Iowa music building. “But the ceiling in the main Concert Hall posed some special challenges because the acoustics require sound to reflect back to the stage—the musicians—as well as to the audience.”

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